Saturday, May 26, 2007

News you can't use

I got bored with updating this blog so I haven't been doing it in a while. To be fair though, I've actually been really busy creatin' and haven't had much time to spare. Here's an update of what I've got going on:
My new book, Injury Comics #1 is being published by Buenaventura Press and will debut at Mocca in NYC in June. The book will be all new comics from me in collaboration with fellow StL cartoonists Jeff Wilson and Jason Robards. They both done South County proud!
This book essentially features manly stories about men's problems. One is about my cyborg character, Manleau, getting beaten up on the street, and the other is a cautionary drug tale acted out by junior high ne'er do well's.
Also, I'll have a contribution in the next issue of Kramers Ergot. I did one page. Wait, wait - it's one HUGE page. It's about the equivalent of ten of your earth pages. My comics page was so big I had to take it to a special place to scan it and those guys were barely able to handle it. Anyway - that's what I was working on the early months of this year. It took me two months but it will only count as ONE page toward my lifetime page count. Oh well. Nobody ever said this comics biz would be a walk in the park.
Watch this space for a sneak preview of the Injury cover!!

St. Louis Mag

LinkThere's a spotlight of local StL cartoonists in the June issue of St. Louis Magazine. It's got a picture of Nelly's manager on the cover. The picture above is just one quarter of a collab spread featuring Kevin Huizenga, Dan Zettwoch, Mardou and me. It's a great article with loads of insider info penned by local dean of the culture beat, Cliff Froelich. If you live in town, go grab one. I'll post a link if/when it shows up on their site.