Friday, October 24, 2008


YO - Mardou and I will be at APE next week.
Look for us around the Buenaventura table.
I'll be doing signings for Kramers 7.
I might bring some preview pages from Injury 3 - I dunno.

This 'n' that

Kevin H. just put out a book that may be of interest to Injury fans. It's a zine of thumbnail sketches from him, me, and Dan Z. Some early injury concepts in there as well as me trying to figure out what I was gonna do for Kramers #7. A very nice little volume for those of you interested in peering into others' sketchbooks. You can get it from KH here. You can also get the compiled "Amazing Facts" strips which features some of my work in it. Anyway, it's got some great strips in it and a very nice silkscreen cover.

Also - I think this is pretty incredible news. Top Shelf to publish japanese "Ax" anthology. Onsmith showed me some of these books a few years ago. I couldn't read 'em, but they looked incredible. More translations from Japan UG is to be applauded, sez me. I'd love to see more stuff from that dude who did Bakune Young.

new Hamer strip

Here's a strip I did for Vice a couple weeks ago (click the image above). I've also been doing this character in Arthur. It's fun writing quasi-political gags but I'm kinda OD'ing on politics at the moment so I may need to give it a rest soon.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Star Clipper 20th Anniversary Art Show

ART SHOW AT COMIC SHOP TONIGHT. Click here for details. Jason Robards and I teamed up for an Injury-style homage to Star Clipper, St. Louis's venerable comics institution. Jason and I drew twenty portraits of amazing comics characters. Naturally, one of the characters I chose is the Creature from Krogarr (see Kirby image above). I can't post a scan of our piece 'cause we turned it in as soon as the ink dried. You'll have to go to the show to check it out, along with a lot of other cool art.