Sunday, April 30, 2006

Cover | Boy Comics

Dig this way out cover. I've been reading this fantastic book about the dawn of comics publishing called "Men of Tomorrow" by Gerard Jones. That got me checking out a bunch of old crime covers from Charles Biro. I came across this gem at the Heritage Comics auction site. Covers don't come much more mind-melting than this. Posted at my little covers page.
By the way - does anyone know if there are any good reprints of Charlie Biro comics floating around?


Mardouie said...

That He-She should be a comic in itself.

Ted May said...

That's what is so awesome about this book. Not only do you get the blood-dripping iron-jawed Nazi, but you also get "he-she" all on top of an hallucinatory background. woof!

drew said...

Let's not forget the freakin' pink poodle thing on his shoulders! Shabba!