Friday, August 10, 2007

Sap and Chicago

Item! Those attending the Chicago Wizard-World can grab a copy of Injury #1 before it hits stores in September. Jason Robards will have some available at the Short Pants Press table in Artist Alley.

Plus! Injury family member Jeff Wilson just released Sap #8, the latest installment of his magnum opus. Get one from his site here.

Also - thanks to all of the San Diego con-goers who bought a copy of Injury or just stopped by the table. That show is like being inside a comics-themed pachinko machine. It's bottled insanity which makes for a great weekend, but for an artist, it's also a little unsettling to see the grinding wheels of the slurry pump itself.


Mardou said...

You need to update your current reading list. Steinbeck was so April '07.

Ted May said...

okay but - off topic! Please only comment as it relates to "wizard world" and "sap" and gangs of spider-men spinning disco glam webs.

gerald said...

i had no idea i was getting a con-exclusive. picked up injury from jason's table. FANTASTIC! great work ted.

also, PUMP IT! more heracles please. you have my vote.

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