Monday, August 11, 2008

rest in peace, Soldy

Our cat Isolde, better known as Soldy, passed away Sunday. She was the best cat I've ever met and she made a lot of friends in the comics community. In fact, she was pretty much loved by everyone she met. She was super social, but had a "take no guff" attitude that was abundantly endearing in a little cat. In fact, she stared down Jason R.'s dog, who is like 50 times bigger than her. I've never seen anything like it! She was at least 18 when she went, and she died of old age, because no illness could keep her down. As crazy as it sounds, she was an inspiration, and a great friend. She died on the same day as Isaac Hayes, so let's hope Black Moses picked her up on his way to Valhalla. Soldy we'll all miss you dearly.


Dan Z. said...

I will always love soldy!

Mardou said...

Thanks Dan, she loved you too.