Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beast hot links

Remember that Beast Biplane print I was talking about? Mad Mike Reddy has 'em for sale. Details on his blog. I'll have some up for sale myself soon. If you want to get a print from me (along with your Injury Comics order or whatever), just email me and I can send you the price.
Also - if you wanna read the Beast Biplane story from Injury #3, it is online in its entirety at What Things Do. Conversely, if you read that and wanna get it in it's original pulpy format, scroll over to my online shop and order said comic.
While I'm at it, here's what's on the old Injury Comics clawing board: new autobio collab with Jeff Wilson; new Beast Biplane madness with Mike Reddy; and more Manleau with Jason Robards.

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Ully said...

hey ted,
don't know a thing about you, but im about the same age as you and have been pushing myself to make comics forever. just read 'beast biplane' and i can see a little sandlin maybe a little johnny ryan, in there, and perhaps some Banana Splits/Motorhead (totally valid pairing!). Anyway, references aside, love your line work and sense of humor. If you have any advice, even if its "Just keep trying", please send it my way. I have a few illustration pieces at the end of my portfolio over at, but as you can see, im glutted with web shit (some im proud of, some were disasters). Ok, again, love your work online and in Injury. Keep it up, those who know are with you 100%